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The Wardrobe Edit: Summer Bardot Top

I’m probably the worst person for buying clothes in the supermarket! To be honest, I never really think to look at the clothes section of supermarkets and I usually do my food shopping online now! But the other week I saw a girl wearing a rather nice barbot top and I had to ask her were it was from!

The Wardrobe Edit: Red Holiday Dress

This dress was so perfect I ended up wearing it a few times! It was just so comfortable to throw over swim wear. I loved the style and how it fitted on me… I just WISHED I had bought it in all the other colours! What’s the betting that if I buy them now then next year bardot dresses will be out of fashion!
Let’s hope not AY!?

Holiday: Majorca

A few months ago I found myself booking a much needed holiday! I really liked the idea of planning everything, finding the perfect hotel, booking flights, travel, etc. but I soon realised it would take a lot of time and hassle, and it would also be expensive.