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Beach Bag Essentials

So I wish I was back on holiday and I thought it was time to do a holiday inspired post. Lets be honest, I need something to remind me of my holiday in Mykonos!! Today I thought I’d chat about my beach bag (or in my case more of a pool bag) essentials!

Shopping at

I recently discovered Rooi and I was super impressed with how many great brands they stock, and I even discovered some new brands too! So I thought I’d share with you some items that I picked up and also wishlist! I say wishlist, I mean the shopping list that I’m slowly working my way through… shhhhhh DON’T TELL Michael! He already thinks I have a shopping problem!

Introducing The Ordinary into My Skincare Routine

The Ordinary is probably a brand you’ve heard of as they’re getting pretty big now. I even hear they’ve opened a shop in Spitalfields Market! I haven’t been by the shop yet as I ordered my products from ASOS but I can’t wait until I’m next in the area as I’d love to pick up some of their foundations.

Falling in Love with Mykonos

I’m currently writing this blog post sat in Mykonos airport feeling pretty sad as it’s time to head back to the rain, wind and cold… yes you guessed right, the UK, where we get the odd day of sun at best! (Okay, so I’m now back at home editing this post and experiencing this crazy heatwave, so maybe I got lucky and brought the good weather back with me!)

How to Beat the Holiday Blues with The Body Shop’s New …

I’ve been such a big fan of The Body Shop for years, I love their products and what they stand for. So when I got home from holiday and saw a parcel from them in my blogger mail I knew my holiday blues would soon be gone! Now, every time I jump in the shower and use these products from their limited edition range I’m reminded of nice happy holiday smells!