Pho, Cambridge

Last weekend when I was leaving Cambridge I drove past Pho. At first I was wondering how I’d not noticed it before, but later I learnt it was brand new and hadn’t opened yet. First thoughts… YESSSS… we’re getting another great restaurant coming to town! I’ve never been to a Pho restaurant before but my sister has recommended it in the past, and I LOVE Vietnamese food.

As soon as I got home I looked up when it would be opening and it turned out it was in a few days time. And even better… they were giving away free Pho all day! Who could say no to a free lunch!?

When we arrived we joined a small queue, which turns out was really lucky because over the next 30 minutes the queue grew really long. The queue ended up going on all day until they ran out of Pho in the evening! Luckily we made it in with the first group of people to be seated.

As soon as I sat down I ordered a green juice of apple, mint and lime. I was hesitant at first whether to order one as I’ve ordered green juices in the past and hated them. This one sounded really tasty so I gave it a go, and it was SO refreshing — definitely no regrets ordering it. I MUST invest in a juicer so I can recreate it at home.

I’m not gonna lie… I can’t use chopsticks. I’m always that girl who has to ask for a fork or “kiddy” chopsticks in these types of restaurants. When the big bowl of Pho came out with a wooden soup spoon I was very relieved that I wasn’t going to have to be that awkward customer!

My dish was Phở Chín, which is tender brisket slow cooked in stock. I have to say it was very yummy and full of flavour. I like the way they give you the spoon with herbs and bean sprouts so you can add them according to your taste.

Unfortunately they were only serving the free Pho today as it would have been too busy to offer a full menu. I’ll have to try the tasty starters next time!

All the staff were very smiley and helpful considering the restaurant was so busy and they had a long day ahead of them. Hopefully they weren’t too tired by the end of their shift!