e-Luminate Festival, Cambridge

I bared the cold weather last night to go out in Cambridge to see the e-Luminate Festival. I’m so glad I did as Cambridge looked so lovely all lit up in glorious colour. It was amazing to see so much focus on all the intricate details on some of the most iconic buildings in Cambridge. It made me realise just how much I hadn’t looked up in the past to appreciate them!

It was also fascinating to learn more about the ideas, concepts and motivations behind each installation. It’s definitely worth reading up about them.

Good lighting, like good water, is something we take for granted. But it can also be an opportunity for technology, playing a vital role in improving energy efficiency and reducing energy demand. When this is further augmented by artistic creativity the opportunity for exciting results is even greater.

Hugh Parnell, e-Luminate Foundation Co-Founder & Chairman

There was also a small night market on and I fell in love with both Jo Clark’s funny animal illustrations and Kate Aldridge’s penguin themed handmade products. I sadly didn’t have any cash on me so when I went home I looked up Jo Clark’s work (funnily enough I had actually come across her on Twitter earlier that day) and I found the most perfect print that I’m definitely going to buy for my home.

We also heard a gentleman talking about his involvement with a project called “Liter of Light” by the MyShelter Foundation. It’s an incredible project that brings light communities living without electricity.

The e-Luminate Festival is running until Wednesday 17th Feb 2016 so I’d highly recommend checking out their website to find out more and then to go and see it for yourself.