6 Ice Cream, Cambridge

When I told Michael we were going to an ice cream parlour for lunch he laughed and said “that’s not lunch!”. But after a cookie and ice cream from 6 Ice Cream we were both feeling full, so it did the job well! The ice cream is freshly made and tastes incredible. They have plenty of unusual flavours and they’re happy for you to try as many as you wish before you make the big decision! There’s also plenty of toppings to choose from like dried banana, dried apple, flake and many more. I’m just gutted that I was in such a rush to eat I forgot to get any toppings!

The decor in this place is stunning. As you walk in you’re welcomed by lots of lovely monochrome and gold, and they have some great eccentric lights, including one that looks like a Graham and Green bird cage I’ve admired before. Even the cute little flowers on the table are well considered.

This place was a really great find, and I’ll definitely be going back again to try out new flavours (they change daily!).

I highly recommend this place, and it’s a perfect choice when (if!?) the sun starts coming out more over the next few months