Sketch, London

This is possibly the quirkiest and coolest place ever! From the outside Sketch is a beautiful old London building, and despite the bold imposing animal on the wall it was the perfect place for a pleasant bit of tea and cake to get me through my London shopping trip.

As you walk inside there are some great pieces of art on the wall and a hop scotch on the floor, which instantly took me back to my childhood playing in the school playground. We were greeted by a lovely lady at the desk who directed us to the Parlour, which is one of their five rooms.

The Parlour was an amazing room with brightly coloured decor and fancy seats. We sat in front of the bar which had a cabinet full of yummy cakes… oh the choices! I went for the vanilla eclair and a cup of Assam breakfast tea. They were a great choice and they set me up for the rest of the busy day (I walked 17,500 steps so I didn’t feel too guilty about all the calories in the eclair!).

Whilst walking to the toilets I walked through two of the other rooms, one called the Glade which was like you were in a deep forest, and another called the Gallery… which was stunning! The Gallery was pink everywhere and alive with people enjoying afternoon tea. There were pink shell seats and at least a hundred framed illustrations filling the walls. The whole room (including the tableware!) is an art installation that changes every two years when it is handed over to another artist. There’s a great video about it all that is worth watching. I will most definitely be back for afternoon tea in this pretty pink room! Unfortunately I didn’t go into the other rooms but I’m sure they are just as incredible.

The toilets were most definitely the coolest toilets I’ve ever been in; it was as if you were in a spaceship! The cubicles were egg-shaped and the ceiling looked like a dance floor! They had Diptyque candles burning which made the place smell incredible.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to Sketch, I always love to hear from you!