Guerrilla Kitchen Pop-up @ Novi

I hadn’t been out for cocktails in ages and when I saw Guerrilla Kitchen was a pop-up at Novi I couldn’t resist going to try them out and having a cocktail or two!

The cocktail I had was amazing! I’m really fussy when it comes to cocktails (well… drink in general really) and over the past couple of years I’ve only just started drinking wine and Prosecco. So I felt I needed to try cocktails as I’m growing older. I always worry that I’m not going to like it and it would end up being wasted. I was lucky this time as I got my friend to order hers first so I could taste it before ordering mine!

This gave me a great idea (but do let me know if you know anywhere where this exists)! You should be able to order a taster board for the table of a few small sample cocktails to try. That way you can try all the ones that take your fancy and be sure that whatever you end up paying for is one you’ll actually enjoy!

Next… food!! Mmmm…. my pork belly bun was super tasty. Sometimes pork belly can be quite fatty but this was perfect. The only improvement I thought of would be if they grated the cucumber, as my cucumber slices were quite thick and it made the bun harder to eat — it all kept falling out! Their macaroni cheese and sweet potato fries were a winner. I loved the crispy crackling that came on top of the mac ‘n’ cheese.

It was my first time eating in the evening at Novi and the atmosphere and mood were really great. It was a Friday night and while it did get busy as the evening progressed it was never too loud or packed. Really excited to go back to try another pop-up.

As well as at Novi, Guerrilla Kitchen can also be found alongside some other amazing food companies at the Cambridge foodPark.