How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

I love sleep more than anything, but sadly like most great things it doesn’t come easy — I usually find it really hard to get to sleep. I thought I would share with you some tips for how I get a great night’s sleep.

  1. I don’t eat an hour or two before I plan to go to bed (this also includes drinking tea, otherwise I’m up and down in the night going to the toilet!). A small caveat to this rule is if I’m feeling a teenie bit peckish or it’s been a bad day… a little bit of chocolate or a truffle won’t do too much harm right?!

  2. I love having a bath to relax and shut off from the day. As an extra treat if I want to really relax I use This Works bath salts or the Neal’s Yard aromatic foaming bath. I really need to try out the Neal’s Yard lavender bath salts too as they smell AMAZING!!!

  3. I like to light my This Works Deep Sleep candle 20 minutes before I go to sleep while I read in bed. It sets such a nice mood and makes the room smell of lavender.

  4. I really like to read my Calm book in bed to wind down. It’s quite different from your normal story book and I highly recommend it!

  5. When I’m tucking into bed a few sprays of the This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray is an absolute must! It relaxes you so quickly allowing you to drift off nice and easily for a perfect deep sleep.

  6. If my mind is still wandering after I close my eyes and I can’t shut off then I sometimes pull up the Spotify sleep playlist that I play through my Sonos, nice and quietly, for some beautiful relaxing background music. I’m usually asleep after the first track or two!

If you have any great tips then do let me know in the comments below!

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