Pizza Pilgrams

I spotted this pizza place a while ago when I was in Kingly Court, London. Kingly Court is just off Carnaby Street and is a really lovely little place. Every time I’ve been it’s been really quiet and somehow feels as if you’ve stepped outside of London. I was in the area and knew I wanted to eat somewhere in Kingly Court, and today I chose Pizza Pilgrims as I really fancied a good pizza.

It was such a good find, really filling and very great value for money. Sometimes London restaurants put prices up just because its London, but this place was very reasonable.

I choose a margarita pizza, which is a little bit boring I admit, but I haven’t had one in years as I always go for something fancier! Our table was close to the kitchen where we could see the chef making all the pizzas. I always like being able to see where my food is being made, I’m rather nosy! When the pizza came it was big, full of flavour and had a lovely taste of basil. I also ordered some arancini balls for starter as you can never can go wrong with them. They were lovely, lots of mozzarella cheese… my favourite!

Sorry for such a short restaurant review however it was a quick bite to eat. What we needed food in a hurry!