Fitness Update

  • Couch to 5K - Week One

Run One – 18th March

Friday morning in bed I was determined to go out for a run, and as Joe Wicks keeps saying on snapchat, mind over mattress!! I dragged Michael out of bed, got ready, and we went for a run. Luckily we didn’t notice it was raining until we stepped outside (it was that annoying drizzly type of rain), otherwise we could have made excuses and put it off until “later”!. We put on our first NHS Couch to 5K podcast and got started! It’s not the first time we’ve started the podcast, but we’ve always just stopped running after the first few sessions and never got stuck in. Not this time though!

The first run wasn’t too bad luckily. I bumped into a few people I knew in the park who were walking their dogs so it gave me an excuse to stop and say hi… maybe that’s why the run didn’t seem too hard!! In the end I really enjoyed my run. While we were warming down I joked to Michael that we should snapchat a video to Joe Wicks just for fun let him know we chose “mind over mattress”! We thought he probably wouldn’t see it, but within a few minutes he had replied with a mini-snap saying well done, “winners o’clock”! That gave me such a buzz!!

After the run I headed straight to town to pick up blueberries and strawberries as I was craving a smoothie. I made one with blueberries, strawberries and banana with chia seeds and milled flaxseeds — just what I needed!!

We decided to do an order for some new running gear, some much needed hi-vis jackets and gloves, so we have no excuse not to run in the evenings or if it’s cold!

I can say I’m really looking forward to the next one!!

Last night I also planned next week’s meals, all Joe Wicks recipes, and when I get a bit fitter I’m looking forward to doing some of his HIIT workouts.

Run Two – 22nd March

Run two was rather different to the first one one! It was dark and cold, and I also didn’t run around the park as its night time and not very well lit up. I also didn’t have any distractions (which made the run feel longer!). I’m really glad I went for a run as it would have been easy to make an excuse, like that I needed to clean the apartment as I have friends over tomorrow night! However I went straight out as soon as I got in from work, and I’m pretty sure this is the best way otherwise you’ll end up doing jobs or feeling sleepy!

The run was really good, and I had my new bright yellow jacket with me ? In parts of the run it was dark however mostly we stuck to the paths with street lights!

After my run I had lots of energy and managed to clean the house and make dinner… go me! And I’m now looking forward to my next run already.

Run Three – 24th March

This run was slightly hard at the beginning as I don’t think my warm-up walking was at a good pace. It also didn’t help that I had put a warm top under my hoodie, and after 2 minutes of running I was boiling, so I did a bit of a mid-run clothing change when no one was looking, with the help of Michael!

Halfway through I got into the run and enjoy it. I think I was just tired after having a Body Shop party last night!

It was the final week 1 run and I’m pretty excited to move on to week 2… more running and improvements!

I would love to hear if you’re a runner or if you’re doing / have done the NHS Couch to 5K. Any helpful tips would be much appreciated! Feel free to leave a comment below ?