Baking: Easter Meringues

  • Happy Easter!

Firstly, Happy Easter!!!

I thought I would share my Easter baking fun with you. After watching the meringues Zoella made in her Easter video I thought “oh they look easy to make, I’ll give it a go as they make great Easter treats!”

I’m writing this post three attempts later!!!

Let me tell you about the first time… it turned out we had bought writing decoration icing rather than food colouring (easy mistake to make, it was Michael telling me it was cheaper to buy a pack of “food colouring” rather than getting them individually, but he didn’t realise they were different products in very similar packaging!). So I sent him out to buy actual food colouring but by the time he came back the meringue mixture wasn’t stiff anymore… ruined!

The second attempt actually wasn’t too bad. I managed to pipe them out onto the tray but they weren’t thick enough they just flopped into flat meringue pancakes!! 😓

After giving up for a while I watched some YouTube videos for some advice and tips, as I didn’t want to fail and be defeated by meringues!! I managed to persuade Michael to help me for a third time!

I think we were nearly there this time. The mix was very thick and peaks were stiff, however I think we went too far in the other direction this time and they were too thick to pipe into meringue kisses! So I decided to make them into messy nests instead. I think we messed up with the oven temp and timings a little because they seemed to take FOREVER to cook.

This third attempt was a mix between the Dr. Oetker Mini Confetti Meringues recipe and the Jamie’s FoodTube video featuring Jemma (she’s so good and her other videos are really great if you like sweet treats).

Luckily after all the fun and messing around they tasted really good. They didn’t look like a masterpiece but they certainly tasted better than they looked!

I think I’m going to leave meringue making to the professionals for the time being, or at least wait until I have a proper mixer like a Smeg or KitchenAid mixer. I’ve been dreaming about owning one for ages to complete my kitchen!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and eat lots of chocolate!

Let me know what you are doing for Easter in my comments!