Bread & Meat, Cambridge

I wasn’t really hungry enough for dinner and I stumbled across Bread & Meat whilst strolling around Cambridge. I’d driven past it a few times thinking I must check it as it looked really cool inside, so now was the perfect chance.

I ordered the honey soy chicken ciabatta, I’d spotted the chicken on the counter and I knew that I wanted it even before looking at the menu, it looked so tasty! It was such a great choice and very filling by the end. Michael had finished his and was keeping a close eye on mine to see if I was going to leave any for him to finish, but unlucky for him I wasn’t going to let any go spare! It was a little spicy but not too bad, just had a bit of a kick to it! I also ordered the roasted veg and the coleslaw. The roasted veg was a bit soft as I prefer my roasted veg crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

It was such a lovely little place and I’ll definitely be going back. It got quite busy but I like it when there’s a bit of hustle and bustle, it gives the place a nice atmosphere!

I would love to know if you have been to Bread & Meat?