Friday Fitness Week 2

  • Mix of couch to 5k and Yoga!

Run One – 16th March

This was the first run of Couch to 5K week 2, which added another 30 seconds to each run phase, but also added 30 seconds on to each rest phase. Luckily I didn’t find it too hard, I think it was because we were trying out a new route. I actually thought the run went really quick which was great because I was expecting it to be long and difficult given that each week ramps up the difficulty.

Run Two – 16th March

This was a great one! I woke up a few times in the night thanks to Storm Katie, and it got me thinking how I’m going to drag Michael out of bed to go on the run first thing in the morning. Sadly even when we woke up and got ready to go the storm hadn’t shown any signs of calming down.

After I managed to convince Michael it was a good idea and we stepped outside it was SO incredibly windy! On the warm up walk Michael said “Sophie I’m not sure if you’re really strong and motivated, or if you’re just plain mad!!”. I knew it was going to be a difficult run!

The wind and rain were actually painful against my face, and for a while we had to run at an angle against the wind! Luckily half way through the wind and rain calmed down and stopped, so all we then had to do is avoid all the puddles!

I thought Michael was ready to dump to me at the beginning of the run, however at the end he felt happy that he had braved Storm Katie and we had completed run 2 of week 2, and was then thanking me for making sure he got out and didn’t bail!

As hard as the run was the weather really made it fun, and if we let a little bit of wind stop us we’ll never complete the the couch to 5K as we’ll always find one excuse or another.

Run Three – 16th March

Tonight’s run was a lot harder! I think the reason was because I had leg ache before I started and running sadly didn’t make it better. But I carefully powered through until the end… I was close to giving up! We were lucky to be treated to a beautiful sunset while running which always makes things better.

After we got back I had a nice long hot bath to help with the aches and pains. Not I’m really looking forward to yoga tomorrow!

If you suffer from Sciatica and run then do let me know how you deal with it. If you have leg ache can you still run or is it best to wait? Or is that a really dumb question!?

Yoga – 31st March

I was super excited for my first CamYoga class but I arrived a few minutes late and there was no-one at reception! ? As it was my first time there I didn’t know what they like and dislike, so I chose not to walk in and disturb a class when it had already started!

So I decided to return home and do a yoga session with my DVD instead. Sadly it just wasn’t the same and I really struggled to get into it! There were way too many distractions like hearing the dishwasher, and thinking “oh gosh I must hoover the floors again”, etc! I much prefer going to class being focused. Hopefully next time I won’t be late! I’m never usually late though… so today was soo frustrating!