Midweek Lunch: Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup

I’m never organised with lunches on my days off so I always end up eating pizza at least once a week! I decided to find a nice recipe to make for lunch and I came across Madeleine Shaw’s Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup which looked amazing. I love making soup, I always find shop bought soup never tastes that great and you have to really be in the mood for them.

This was really easy to make and I managed to stick to the recipe, rather than doing what I usually do and quickly read it and then make it up as I go along! Mine didn’t make 5-6 bowls but my carrots and sweet potatoes were quite small.

My favourite bit was the pomegranates… I LOVE pomegranates so much. That’s pretty much what made me choose the soup, I knew it would be a winner straight away!

I wanted to share this soup with you as it was really quick and easy to make, and makes the perfect lunch or a quick dinner.

If you like the photos and fancy giving this soup a try please go check it out:


Don’t forget to let her know on Twitter if you try it and love it, and I’d love to know too!