Friday Fitness Week 4

Run One – 9th April

I didn’t think we’d ever get to go for this run… everything was going wrong! I had an early start to pick up my mum from the airport and M managed to go the wrong way TWICE, sending us heading back towards home the second time! It’s not like we weren’t in a hurry after the plane landed 30 minutes early as well!! Then on the way home M’s car broke down which meant we had to wait for someone to get us oil, which turned out to not even be the problem! I ended up getting a lift home while M waited for the AA. This meant the run was push back even further and I ended up at home cleaning the house. Eventually he came back and we got out for the run, which turned out to be fun and really relaxed me after the many frustrations of the day.

Run Two – 12th April

This morning was wet and rainy but I knew I’d still go for a run no matter what. Luckily I waited until after work and the sun had come out making it a lovely evening. I thought the runs would be getting harder however I feel I’m really progressing and running faster. Well, faster than my previous week 4 run!

Yoga – 14th April

YAY… I made it to my yoga trial this week! I enjoyed doing yoga again however it still doesn’t compare to the lovely Whitespace Studio in MK where I used to go last year. I had an amazing teacher there called Naz and I really miss her lessons! I think I was blessed when I first tried out Yoga as I had found a great teacher and place to go, and anyone I’ve been to since just hasn’t compared. If anyone can recommend a Cambridgeshire yoga teacher I’m still on the search! But it was good to get the matt back out and dusted off. I also got to wear my new Ivy Park by Beyoncé top from Topshop ??

Run Three – 15th April

So my 7 o’clock alarm didn’t go off but I’m kinda glad it didn’t as the weather was pants, so I ended up blogging in bed in the warm! It got to 10:30am and I needed some fresh air so I did the final run of week 4! It was raining and wet so afterwards I really deserved my cup of tea and a piece of cake (shhhhh ?). Running after yoga the day before was definitely hard and my legs really ached. The rain didn’t make it easier but I’m glad I went out and got it done. Now I’m ready to smash week 5 of the NHS Couch to 5K program… wish me luck!