Backstage Live

I haven’t been to Queensgate Shopping Centre in years, so when I received an email offering me to blog about the upcoming Backstage Live event I was rather excited!

Years ago when I was a child my parents (mainly my dad) would suggest we go shopping to Peterborough every weekend (no joke!). When you’re a child shopping really isn’t fun! Seriously, why would we need to go shopping every weekend!? It was as if it was just a free day trip out! Now I know who’s to blame for my love of shopping now I’m older — it was drilled into me as a child!

Okay I’ll stop rambling on about my childhood and get on to talking about the event!

On Saturday morning I met my friend Laura who’s also a blogger (you must check out her amazing blog Loved By Laura). I met her through the #CambMeetUp group.

We headed down to Backstage Live which was just outside Primark in Queensgate and were met by the friendly staff there who told us more about what was happening and how it was all set up.

First of all we looked though the clothing rails to get a gist of the new spring trends. There were plenty of brands there: Oasis, Warehouse, Fat Face and many more. I fell in love with an amazing dress by Oasis, perfect to dress up during the summer but would also look great dressed down with some plain sandals. I pretty much already decided it’s a must-buy — it will look lovely on holiday!!

We then headed over to the Lush table and spoke to Jade who was absolutely lovely. She showed us the products and explained a few bits about each one. It was really interesting chatting to her and hearing all about how they buy the roses they use in their products in Turkey, and about some of the amazing charities they support. It was great hearing more about Lush as sometimes when I’m shopping in-store I’m in too much of a hurry to notice or ask about these kinds of things, so it was lovely to chat and test out a few of their products.

Then we headed over to our stylist appointment… we were 5 minutes late, whoops! We hadn’t realised we’d been chatting at the Lush stand for so long!

We chatted to the stylist who showed us some of the clothes that she had. One of her favourite current looks is to pair a pretty dress with a biker jacket. I wouldn’t have thought about trying that but it was a good idea and looked great!

Throughout the day there were various different talks and demos going on. One of them that I caught was by some John Lewis stylists and there were so many items I fell in love with by Mint Velvet, Kin and Ted Baker.

There was also a stand by The Body Shop and other people running hair and make-up sessions. Sadly I didn’t have enough time to do everything!

There were two hair stylists there, Michael John and Pkai. I had a session with Pkai who has a few salons around Peterborough, one being in Queensgate itself. I filled out a few questions on an iPad which mapped a tailored hair routine for my hair type — very fancy! They gave me a few samples of their products that were suggested for my hair. I look forward to trying them out!

Queensgate kindly gifted us a voucher for lunch at Handmade Burger Co. I’d never been before but I’m so glad I got a chance to as the food was delicious and it was a really trendy burger place. It was fairly busy, had a great atmosphere and plenty of seating, including outdoor seating, which would be perfect in the summer.

I had a chicken burger with coleslaw and sweet potato fries (of course!). It turns out that they had bottomless drinks too, if only I knew that at the time — M obviously forgot to tell me!

Laura had the best idea to try out a cool dessert place nearby that she knew, and by the time we’d finished chatting our food had gone down enough to make room. We arrived at Tamu in Cowgate and the smell in there got my tummy rumbling! There was plenty to choose from and the perfect place if you’re hungry for some sweet stuff.

Queensgate also kindly gave me goodie bag which was full of lovely products. Some of the things it included was the No7 blush stain, Thorntons chocolate, Paperchase washi tape (not wasabi tape… Laura! ?), a Paperchase pen, Tiger lights and sweet / craft bags and lots of samples from Lush (which I’ve added to my Lush suitcase… yessss I am a lush lover and I have an Oliver Bonas suitcase full of lush. Shhhhh!). There were also samples from the Body Shop and a few other bits and bobs. So many great goodies in the bag to work my way through, YAY!

Thank you Queensgate for holding this event, I will definitely be visiting Peterborough more often. The shopping centre has changed quite a bit from when I was younger and it’s really a great place to go shopping. I’m looking forward to my next shopping trip already!