Gousto Meal 1 Review

So it’s time to cook the first meal from my Gousto box, a creamy mushroom stroganoff. Let’s see how I get on as I’m so bad at following recipes! The great thing that’s on my side is that everything is pre-measured and ready to go, so that will help things a lot!

The meal said it takes about 30 minutes to cook and it took me roughly 40 minutes, so not to bad considering I was getting M to photograph things which always slow things down a little!

The pre-measured ingredients were so useful and really saved a lot of prep time. The recipe instructions are very clearly laid out on the card with photos at each step which I think really helps a lot. I managed to stick to most of the recipe pretty well, but I did miss some stages out and perhaps put some things on too early (I just did things how I’d naturally do them!), but the pictures helped guided me through step by step and it all worked out great in the end! I think I’ll slowly learn to be better at following recipes!

I’m happy to say they don’t scrimp on portion sizes, I’m perfectly full and don’t think I’ll need a cheeky snack later ☺️🍫 The meal itself was so tasty and delicious, really silky and creamy which is just what I’m looking for with a mushroom stroganoff. It’s something I’d never really think about cooking but that’s the beauty of Gousto. Even on days when I don’t eat Gousto I think it’s a dish I’ll definitely be making again.

Thank you Gousto for providing me with this meal to try out, taste and review! Meal number two is coming later in the week so keep an eye out!

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See you on Thursday!