April Favourites

Jo Malone Nectarine and Blossom Honey

This is my favourite scent at the moment. The fact we had snow and sleet last week just made me need something to remind me it’s actually spring and not winter! This scent did an amazing job at keeping me smiling and it has such a lovely positive smell (although aren’t all their scents just amazing!?). Let me know if you have any of the Jo Malone fragrances and what your favourite is!

The Body Shop Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil

This has been great this month. I was given a gel nail polish kit for my birthday in March so I could do my own nails and have them last longer than a day (I always used to chip my nails within a couple of hours of painting!). However the gel polish isn’t always the best for your nails and sometimes it leaves them feeling weak. So when I eventually remove the polish I put this on overnight and it really makes a difference, I’d definitely recommend it!

The Body Shop Vitamin-E Spray

You can tell I’ve recently had a Body Shop at Home party as another of this month’s favourites is also by them! I may have recently fallen in love with the The Body Shop, their products and their ethics. This product has been great it, it’s lovely and refreshing and it also sets makeup, which means my makeup lasts a lot longer than before. Really useful!

Cowshed Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm

This is a bit of a rediscover lip balm as I bought it last year! My lips have been awful these past few weeks, probably because the weather keeps changing so much… talk about dramatic eh, even for England!? After using this lip balm it’s seemed to keep my lips from getting so dry so I’ve been using it lots. I totally forgot how much I love this lip balm!

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel

This is my new favourite and I’ve been wearing it every day recently! I love this bronzer as it stays on all day and gives my face a nice colour without looking orange!!

What have you been enjoying throughout April? Leave me a comment below!