Gousto Meal 2 Review

I’m welcoming Michael to write a bit about this meal as it was his turn to cook tonight. We thought we’d both make sure to cook one Gousto meal each to see what it’s like before we commit to a subscription. I must add add that M is much better at sticking to recipes than I am so hopefully there won’t be any mistakes tonight! So, over to M….

It’s quite true that I am the sort of person to stick religiously to a recipe, but I’m not particularly good with timings, especially with multiple things going on at once. Luckily the instructions that Gousto provides really helps with that, they’re clear and they guide you through doing multiple things at once. I’m also a huge faffer in the kitchen and like things to be fully prepped before I start. This draws me to Gousto even more because everything comes pre-measured and pretty much ready to go with minimal prep time.

I enjoyed the challenge of making this dish and it’s something I wouldn’t have normal cooked at all. I’ve been slacking in the kitchen recently and have lost a bit of my passion for cooking that I once enjoyed. I think Gousto will give me the opportunity to get back into the swing of things, as well as introduce me to different ingredients and how to use them. When we first looked at this recipe we both said… “what on earth is Freekeh”!? Turns out it’s delicious and super good for you.

In the end, and despite my propensity to faff, I got this dish made in pretty good time with minimal stress! ??

S: I’m back now to review the end result, and I have to say that after never having Freekeh before I really enjoyed this meal, it was so full of flavour! It’s a perfect one to remember if you’re having a dinner party, you can serve it in a big bowl in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves!

So, time for my overall verdict of Gousto. I think the fact that I’ve just signed up to a weekly subscription should speak for itself. I love everything about Gousto and the recipes have proven to be filling and super tasty!! I can’t wait to be cooking up new things each week and falling in love with cooking again.

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Hurry and don’t miss out, it’s something you definitely won’t regret… and you can’t go wrong with that saving on your first trial box!

Thank you again to Gousto for providing me with this first box to review.