Sticks’n’Sushi, Cambridge

When the invite came through for the Sticks’n’Sushi preview event I was excited to try out a brand new restaurant in Cambridge, but I was also a little apprehensive because I don’t like sushi and don’t eat raw fish! I knew M would enjoy the sushi side of things so my challenge was whether I could go and enjoy the place without eating sushi… and the answer is a huge YES!! I know there will be readers like me who don’t like sushi so I’m so happy to show you my wonderful experience with this new restaurant.

I’ve just arrived home from the preview event and I ate plenty and I’m extremely full, so there’s definitely not the worry about having to eat lots of this type of cuisine in order to fill yourself up.

It’s situated in the Old Library part of the Guildhall, a grade II listed building in Cambridge opposite the Corn Exchange. They’ve done such an incredible job with the interior of the restaurant. When you walk in to the main room you enter a very clean and stunningly designed minimal room. If you walk through into the second room, which is also where you can see the chefs at work, you’re surrounded by the old metal staircases and walkways that remain preserved from when the room was the old library. They’ve done such a great job at integrating a fresh modern restaurant while preserving some of the listed features of the building.

The staff were all extremely friendly, attentive and well mannered. They were all very helpful and we never had to wait around if we needed something. They’re also super on the ball… after clumsy M dropped one of his chopsticks a new pair immediately arrived! I guess they are well trained to hear the distinct sound of a chopstick being dropped!! Whoever has trained the team has done a fantastic job as I couldn’t fault a single thing. As it’s a new restaurant I almost expected there may be a few little teething problems, but there was honestly nothing I could pick up on at all… well done! ??

Right, now on to the food and drink! I ordered a raspberry lemonade which so very refreshing (its a very hot day today)! Later on in the meal I ordered a cucumber water and wow, it wasn’t just water with a bit of cucumber in like I thought, it was a beautiful fresh green colour and it was so tasty.

The first food to arrive were jerusalem artichokes and edamame. I thought I’d have to leave all the edamame to M as I’d tried them before and not liked them… but wow, I absolutely loved these. They were grilled and so yummy… I’m converted!

The next plate to arrive was a mixed salmon salad with egg, avocado, edamame, tomatoes, quinoa, beetroot and sweet potato. It was a light healthy dish and the salmon was the best salmon I’ve ever tasted. This place seems to take food that I’ve tasted before at home and in restaurants, and take the flavours to another level!

The main course we were served was the “Man Food” platter, which was a selection of skewered meats: chicken meatballs, pork belly, chicken with chilli & teriyaki, spare ribs, panko crusted duck breast and Emmental cheese with bacon. There was also a side of rice, more edamame, and some very tasty dips (mild chilli and a very mild wasabi)! If you don’t eat fish I would highly recommend this dish, I absolutely loved it and it’s perfect to share for a lunch.

For pudding we had a rhubarb sorbet (amazingly refreshing given the 21º outside!) and a liquorice creme brûlée, all finished off with a sencha matcha green tea. A perfect way to end a smashing meal!!

One side note, that is probably rarely mentioned in reviews, but the toilets were extremely nice! I couldn’t resist snapping a few quick photos of some of the decor!

There’s plenty of varied seating both in the front and the back of the restaurant, so fingers crossed you’ll always be able to get a seat somewhere even if it’s busy!

A huge thank you to Sticks’n’Sushi for the invite, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and I will most definitely be coming back for more! They’re opening today (Saturday 7th May) at 5pm so make sure you go check them out soon, you won’t regret it.

Just a final note to say that while this meal was complimentary, all reviews and opinions are absolutely my own.