Grand Designs Live

So a couple of weeks ago I had something rather exciting through my letter box, rather than the usual bills or catalogues! It turns out I’d been sent some Grand Designs Live tickets by Smeg as I won a competition they ran. I love Grand Designs so I was so excited to attend the event for the 1st time!

I was even lucky enough to briefly meet the Kevin McCloud! He was in a rush to get a train and there was no time to talk, so I just got a quick photo!

M and I both have big dreams of one day designing and building our own home. I knew the day would be filled with things that I’d love for my perfect home, and I wasn’t wrong! It was so fun wandering around, soaking everything up and getting lots of ideas. When we got home we both worked hard into the evening as the day had motivated us even more to make our dreams come true!

It was such a fun day, and it started with me going to find the Smeg stall — my favourite kitchen brand! Their appliances are stunning and I love all the lovely pastel colours they come in. I knew they had a new juicer out which I really wanted to check out. I can’t wait to buy it one day once I’ve saved up for it… yeah, it has a rather large price tag! The juicer is perfect for our kitchen and it’s the only cream juicer I’ve found — they’re usually all black, silver or white! It was nice seeing their fridges and freezers too, and it just made me realise how much I want my own house and to have one of them in my kitchen one day!

I also saw a cool popcorn machine that would be just perfect for when I have a cinema room… okay that’s never going to happen, but it was great and I love the quirkiness!

I also fell in love with two lighting stores, JamJar Lights and J.A.M.S Ironwork (what’s with all the Jam!?). It’s a shame we have fitted lights in our current place, but I took their business cards as I definitely want to remember them for the future.

I came across a floating bed! How cool is this!? I think it would take me a while to get used to though… I’m not sure if I’d be able to get to sleep, I’d be worried it would fall!

Moving on, I discovered Nohrd who make wooden fitness products and I had a go on a pretty awesome rowing machine. At first my sister honestly thought they were a new way of doing your clothes washing while getting some exercise… she’s such a plonker! It turns out that while it does use water to generate the resistance… it has nothing to do with clothes washing!! Who knew rowing could be made that interesting though.

When I got to the food section with all the free food and wine samples I ended up hanging around there for quite a while! I love my food, if you hadn’t already guessed from my big food section! One thing that caught my eye was a clever piece of equipment called the The Original Pizza Maker. I thought they were making regular pizzas but it turns out they were tortilla pizzas, and they take 2 minutes to make! They tasted delicious! I was pretty temped to buy one as it also cooked other stuff too, but then I realised I had no space to store it!! Opppsss!!

Gousto were also there so it was good to say hi to them as I’ve recently reviewed their boxes. It turns out they also have a sister company called EatFirst who are based in London. They’re similar to Gousto but they also do all the cooking for you! You just have to heat up the food when it arrives — perfect for Londoners with a busy lifestyle. If I lived in London I’d definitely give them a go. If you do then go check them out, the food looked pretty tasty.

I wish there were more entire room layouts/displays there. There were a few but I felt there should have been more displays showing off the current trends in interior design, rather than just various stalls selling one kind of product. I was also hoping to see some more modern furniture and Scandinavian style interiors, but I seemed to see a lot of fairly old fashioned furniture (pine etc). So I felt it did lack in the more contemporary furnishings, but overall I really enjoyed the event and picked up lots of great ideas.

Thank you Smeg for sending me the tickets! Let me know if you went and what you liked the most!