Catesby’s, Cambridge

When the #CambMeetUp group invited me to the Catesby’s event I put it in the diary straight away! I’ve always loved their shop; my mum used to bring home items from them when it used to be in Wells, Norfolk. Since then they’ve moved to Cambridge and I now live in my own place, and we all know I do enjoy treating myself to some homeware sometimes!

We arrived and had a good mooch around, after which Jonathan and Neil, the lovely guys who own the store, told us about their story and how they ended up in Cambridge. It turns out that after a period of living and working in France, where they discovered a passion for the “art of living”, they decided to open a shop in Norfolk to share all the things they discover and love. A while later they were visiting friends in Cambridge and saw a shop space up for let. After looking through the window and seeing the wooden cladding and the fireplace they said it felt like home, and more than anything they wanted their shop to feel like a home rather than a shop. They moved, settled in and made 10 Green Street well and truly theirs. Such a lovely little story.

We love what we sell and we sell what we love.

Jonathan and Neil

We then went upstairs where they had prepared a delicious brunch: Lots of yummy croissants, salmon bagels, avocado on toast and blueberry and lemon friands. I struggled to wait for all us bloggers to take photos because I just wanted to dive right in as it was so inviting.

Over brunch we all got chatting and it was great to meet and mingle with more fellow bloggers.

After brunch we went up to their study where they showed us the new curated boxes they offer. They’re a great idea, and the concept is to allow you to refresh or revive a room by filling it with some artfully selected items. They currently have 3 boxes to choose from: Cool Kitchen, Summer Dining and Hot Desk.

It was then time to start browsing and seeing if I could pick up any bargains! I got a lovely cake stand that I can’t wait to feature on my blog, and M can’t wait either as it means there will be a nice tasty cake waiting to be eaten! I also picked up a few little cute bowls that are perfect for serving dips and nibbles in!

It was such a lovely time and so great to see everyone. Thank you to Catesby’s for doing such a fabulous job hosting us and making us welcome in their shop, and also to Pippa for doing a great job organising the morning.

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