Things I’ve Learnt from Blogging

I thought I’d do a chatty blog post today to talk about some of the things I’ve learnt since blogging. I came into the blogging world 4 months ago with my eyes pretty much closed and not knowing much at all! I’m going to be honest, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! I hadn’t really done much photography since leaving college years ago where I had dabbled in it a little! I’m also going to be honest and say I wasn’t an A* English student, but now I love writing and using my old skills from my creative media course and putting to use in my blog. So I’ve decided I wanted to share with you my journey up to now!

Things Take Time

It’s really not as easy as it first looks. Blog posts take hours of planning, photography, editing and writing! Getting the perfect shots aren’t always easy, and I learnt very early that lighting is everything, and I quickly invested in some light boxes as they really change everything… YAY!! It also takes time to learn new skills like learning how to use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos. I’m very lucky to have M who’s helped me from day one to get designs from my head onto my blog and teaching me new skills in photography and editing my photos. Last week I even learnt how to edit YouTube videos, and this one I picked up very quickly thankfully (I was always an A* ICT student at school ?)


This was one I really wasn’t expecting but is so incredibly lovely. On the day my first blog post went live the lovely Alice from The Middle Sister introduced me the #CambMeetUp group and I’ve made so many new friends through it. I’ve also become a Qblogger for Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough where I’ve met even more new friends and become part of a strong lovely community! I never expected to make so many new lovely friendships and friends who are on my wavelength and understand why I photograph everything ? We can chat about blogging and it’s not some weird other language to them! I’ve also made some great internet friendships with other bloggers via Twitter. It’s so lovely that there’s such a massive and kind blogger community out there! Thanks guys!!

It Takes You Places

Another thing I learnt is that it really takes you places! You’ll do new things (and even face old fears) that you never thought you’d end up doing. At first, going to events where I know no one was scary! And I never would have thought I’d be going to Royal freakin’ Ascot (thanks to the lovely Loved by Laura)! I find it really hard to go to events with lots of people and I can have pretty bad anxiety at times, however I’ve been kicking my anxieties butt recently and getting through it which I’m so glad about, and I’ll keep continuing to do so. Blogging has open my eyes to a whole new part of the Internet and the world, and it’s also helping me slowly conquer my fears.

Growing a Following

You’ll also learn that followers/readers are blinking hard to get — it really doesn’t grow overnight. Sadly there are ways some people can pay for followers or do other little tricks, but gaining an authentic following is a slow process. You have to keep putting out the content that you love to create, interacting and being a part of the community. Over time, and after lots of hard work, it will pay off. Patience is key! When you do start to gain more of a following and know that they truly enjoy your content it’s a great feeling.

Anyways, I’m going to stop blabbing on now! I love this journey I’m on, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of starting My next journey alongside my blog is my YouTube channel (please do check it out and subscribe!). I’m so excited for the future and thank you so much to my friends (old and new), readers and followers for helping me along the way and being so lovely!