Welcoming NYX to My Makeup Collection!

NYX are popping up all over the UK at the moment! We just had one open in Boots in Peterborough (YAY!) so no more ordering from ASOS and hoping the colours are okay! It’s always a nightmare ordering makeup online for the first time where you can’t swatch the colours!

I thought I’d do a post sharing the products I’ve been buying recently from NYX

Let’s start with the annoying dark circles under my eyes… arghhh! These are the worst and I can never really find anything to cover them up well. Firstly I tried the Dark Circle Concealer Corrector in medium, however I ended up not using this product much as it took so much time putting my fingers in the pot and then applying it, it was all a bit of a faff (but I would say the product itself was rather good). I then picked up the HD Concealer in yellow (as yellow is meant to be good for dark circles) and I have to say this product is a lot easier to use as it has a wand, and I’ve been so impressed with it. Its lovely and creamy so I’d highly recommend trying it if you suffer from dark circles under your eyes!

Moving on to lips! I ordered the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco and after totally falling in love with it I also picked it up in Manilla, and I’m hoping to buy even more colours! I have to say Manilla is such an easy colour to wear and I’ve had so many nice comments whenever I wear it.

I’ve never really needed to use blotting papers however I’ve noticed my skin’s been a bit oily recently, so I’m looking forward to keeping these in my handbag for the times I need a bit of a refresh!

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you have any NYX favourites!

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