Yep, I’ve found a new place for cupcakes in London! Forget about Hummingbird and Lola’s (two of my all time favourites), I’m adding this one to the top of my list ??

If you haven’t heard of Cupcake Jemma you need to stop right now and head over to her YouTube channel to check her out, especially if you love baking! She’s got so many tips and recipes over on her channel it’s really amazing.

Since starting YouTube she’s opened Crumbs & Doilies in Kingly Court and I decided to go give it a visit. It’s a great place to grab and go as there’s not much seating, so if it’s a rainy day don’t expect to get a seat! We were very lucky to get a seat on the stools up by the window.

They sell the most gorgeous cupcakes and the flavours change daily. I ordered a raspberry ripple cupcake and M ordered the red velvet cake, which of course I managed to steal half of. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I have a habit of pinching whatever M orders… last week his cocktail, now his cake! Shhhhh ?

If you live in London you can order online and they do delivery (this would be pretty dangerous for me if I lived there). I’ve already spotted the birthday cake I want (no, need), it’s the unicorn cake and it looks so pretty with meringues on the top… HINT HINT to my family and M!

I really wanted to share this place with you guys as it’s such a lovely little place. It’s in Kingly Court which is home to so many other cool places that you must check out. It feels like you’re stepping out of the city into some other kind of quirky space! If you want to see my vlog from my day in London (which also features the lovely Fleur de Force!) you can see it below:

I’d love to know your favourites cupcake places wherever they may be!