My 6 Hours in a Yotel pod!

Flying? Right, let’s be honest, it’s always a hassle especially when you have to be at the airport 2–3 hours before an early flight and have to worry about getting stuck in traffic!

When I discovered the Yotel hotel in Gatwick Airport I was super excited as they could make my life a lot easier, and before my flight the other week I found myself checking into a pod! It might have only been for 6 hours but wow, it really made my journey so much easier. I wasn’t sure what it would be like sleeping over in a busy airport with people coming and going, but I soon found myself stepping out of the lift below all the hustle and bustle and straight away I felt relaxed as I entered the hotel. Did I just say I felt relaxed at an airport?!? Yep, I’m a very nervous flyer but I really felt as if I was miles away from an airport!

I was welcomed by the receptionist (aka a mission controller!) who couldn’t have been more helpful. He offered us a drink, walked us to our pod and showed us a few little tips we needed to know like how to turn the sofa into a comfy bed! I soon made myself at home and after putting our cases under the bed (which is cleverly how you store them to get them out of the way) I had time to chill out and reply to a few emails. Being in such a relaxing place meant I actually managed to get some sleep, which was perfect considering I knew I had to be awake in 3 hours for my flight!

The idea of YOTEL was inspired by the language and luxury of first class airline travel with a touch of Japanese influence. We searched for the best cabin designers we could find and asked them to build us a ‘small but luxurious’ protoype ‘cabin’.

Gerard Greene

The well thought out design, lighting and storage techniques made the pod feel really comfortable considering it was such a small space. Our air-con was on and I don’t like being cold when I sleep, but we couldn’t figure out how to turn it off (we tried pressing all the buttons with quite funny results!). It turns out that most people like it on, and we just had to ask at “mission control” and they brought a cover to twist on to cover it up. Just a little tip if you’re like me and don’t like air-con being on too cold!

When my alarm went off at 3am the nerves about my pending journey had taken over me, however it made it 10 times better having a super easy check out (just hand over the key with no paperwork or waiting around) and being able to simply take the lift and walk straight through to check in. I’d much rather that experience than having to be up most of the night traveling down to the airport!

Another great thing about the hotel is that there is no set check-in or check-out time, you simply book times to suit you and your journey best. They also have food and drink that can be ordered 24/7 as well as plenty of handy essentials if you realise you’ve forgotten something, or if your stuff is all packed up neatly in your suitcase and you can’t be bothered to open and hunt for it!!

I’m so happy I discovered Yotel hotels and I’m hoping to visit some of the other ones around the world. They have them at Heathrow, Amsterdam Airport and even New York City, which would be amazing to check out!

Comment below and let me know if you’ve stayed in Yotel or another similar cool hotel on your travels!

Thank you to Yotel for welcoming me and for my lovely peaceful stay!

Disclaimer: After seeing Yotel I knew it was somewhere cool that I’d like to go and blog about, and after contacting them they kindly offered me a complimentary stay so I could experience it. All views and opinions are my own.