The Wardrobe Edit: Red Holiday Dress

This dress was so perfect I ended up wearing it a few times! It was just so comfortable to throw over swim wear. I loved the style and how it fitted on me… I just WISHED I had bought it in all the other colours! What’s the betting that if I buy them now then next year bardot dresses will be out of fashion! Let’s hope not AY!?

I paired my dress with my Topshop sunnies. If you haven’t been to Topshop recently they have some amazing styles of sunglasses this year, it’s definitely worth checking them out!

These New Look sandals were so comfortable and I luckily ordered them in black and in tan, but I think I might order another few pairs in black as they’re only £7.99! I can see me getting lots of wear out of them and I know next summer once I’ve worn mine to death I’ll regret not having bought an extra pair! And I bet if I don’t I won’t be able to find a similar style next year, typical! Perhaps I’m thinking way ahead!? ? Do you ever do that? If you find something you love do you think about buying extra just in case? I have to admit that I did that for a white shirt I loved so much — I just knew I’d end up staining it at some point so I ordered two. Please reassure me that I’m not just mad and that everyone does it ?