The Secret Garden Party is a festival I’ve been returning to for many years. This was my 8th or 9th year… I think. I’m starting to lose count! My first year was when I did some artwork for them up there, and I’ve pretty much returned every year since. When you walk through the gate at SGP it’s as if you’ve been transported into another world, and anything, yes anything, goes! It’s a 4-day party like none other!

Festival goers are known as “gardeners”, and let’s just say you can never have enough glitter on you! There will always be someone dressed even more crazier than you… to the point of nakedness! Yes, you do see some nudity every now and then because as I said… anything goes! Being honest I’m definitely one of the more boring gardeners at the festival, and I’m happy to leave all the crazy to others!

There’s always so much going on and plenty of art, music, food and crazy workshops — you really can’t get bored!

The Food

The food is always amazing at SGP and there’s so much choice, it’s one of my favourite bits. I’d much rather spend my money on food rather than drink (I’m not a big drinker anyway!). I always make sure I go to SmokeStak for a scrumptious pulled pork bun (I usually have a few over the long weekend ?). They’re also opening a restaurant in London which is VERY exciting! You can also find them in other places around London so definitely check out their Twitter feed to find out more.

This year Cambridge’s Jack’s Gelato was there, and I’ve been wanting to try their ice cream for a while. I also spotted Guerrilla Kitchen and The Horse Box who are also Cambridge based.

Groovy Smoothies were there and they’ve been returning for many years and do such great smoothies. The only thing I missed this year was a good place that did milkshakes, as I really fancied one! I used to love The Magnificent Milkshake Co. shakes as they make dessert inspired milkshakes (the creme brûlée is so good!) but they weren’t there this year.

The paella at SGP is always amazing too. The sad thing is that there’s just too much amazing food to try at SGP and you can’t have everything!

The Music

This year I really wanted to see Izzy Bizu and Shura, and I also wanted to catch The Temper Trap, however sadly they clashed with Izzy so we missed them! The festival has so much music on such varied stages. You can usually find me hanging out at the Main Stage, The Living Room or Where the Wild Things Are, as those are my favourites! There’s such a range of music it’s a great way to discover new artists. Last year I discovered Ward Thomas just from strolling past the tent and happening upon their set. I caught The Kooks back in the days when they were cool, and they weren’t even on the line up, I think they were a secret act or something!

Other Crazy Stuff

From pig racing, people jumping on space hoppers and dog fashion shows, everything and anything can happen at SGP! It’s a space for everyone to let go of day to day life, get dressed up (or down in some cases!) and lose themselves in the garden for 4 days.

The highlight of the festival is the Saturday night spectacular, and the paint fight on Sunday around the main stage is always pretty fun to get involved in!

Have you been to any festivals this year? Let me know in the comments below! There will be an SGP Vlog going live tomorrow on my YouTube channel so make you’re subscribed!