Blogger Meet-ups and Why Everyone Should Arrange One!

I spoke a bit about this in my Things I’ve Learnt from Blogging post, and if you haven’t read that post then you probably won’t have heard of #cambmeetup before! Basically, on the day my blog went live I was introduced to the group by a girl called Alice. I joined the group and said hello and everyone was really helpful and nice! There was a meet-up arranged within the next few weeks and I said I would go… nervously!!

I was terrified and nervous but as always there was no need to be! We went to PHO in Cambridge and there I met Pippa, Lisa and Laura. I was glad it was only a small meet-up as it was really nice getting to know them and also not too daunting! However I was sat there wondering what on earth this “DA” was they were talking about, and I was too worried about looking silly and asking! “Don’t worry” I thought… “I’ll Google it when I get home” ? Shhhh!

Meet-ups are a great way to share blogging tips and a perfect place to ask for help or advice. I’m so grateful that Pippa set-up such a great group and I wanted to write this blog post today to encourage others to do the same in their areas. I always see bloggers tweeting about wanting to meet other bloggers or that they need help or just want a blogger friend to take outfit photos with as maybe they haven’t got an Instagram boyfriend/hubby!

6 months later I decided it was time to arrange my own little meet-up within the group. Pippa is always encouraging us to arrange our own little meet-ups as the group is forever growing and organising big meet-ups takes lots of time and planning.

So I arranged a “Bloggers Brunch” and knew the perfect place to host it. I chose Bohemia as I’d already been to test it out a few times! It’s also a very Instagrammable which definitely helps! There was 8 of us who came and it was SO lovely meeting new bloggers and catching up with some of my older blogger friends! Afterwards we made the most of each other’s camera skills and took some OOTD photos. Some of us may have caught a Pokémon or two as well ?

I’m so glad I organised the brunch as it’s something I wanted to do for a while but was scared that no one would actually turn up! But again, as with most worries, there was no need. The 8 of us was the perfect amount and everyone got on really well and all exchanged useful tips and advice over some good food.

OOTD photos in this post taken by Kelly Anne Rist.

If you haven’t already, I really hope you consider finding fellow local bloggers and spending the time to meet and get to know them. It’s truly a lovely experience and your blog and life will be better for it!