Useful Apps for Bloggers

This is a little blog post I thought I’d write to share some of the apps I’ve found super useful while blogging!


Buffer is an app that lets you schedule tweets and see how many clicks/likes/retweets they’ve had. It’s great as it lets me stay active on Twitter even while I’m at work. This makes sure my tweets reach the maximum number of people possible.

I usually plan my main tweets a few days in advance and they are mostly to push out my content — blogs and YouTube videos. I mainly use Buffer for Twitter however you can use it for Facebook and other social media too!


Evernote is great! I write all my blog posts in it before I add them to my blog. It’s easier and I can leave a blog post half written or I can quickly make some notes while an idea is fresh in my mind. The app syncs up with all my devices and even better I can share notebooks with M, which is super useful when I want him to check a blog post for those annoying dyslexic mistakes! He can check from anywhere too, even on the go.

I know some people who write their blog posts directly on their website, but using Evernote is much more flexible and a better editing experience. Not to mention it’s always backed up! It’s the one place I keep all my blog posts, ideas and other information for my blog. I’d be lost without it!

Google Analytics

I love seeing the stats on my blog and keeping an eye on things as my blog grows and develops. Google Analytics on the web can be pretty complicated and I’m still trying to figure it all out, but the mobile app displays things much simpler and it’s easy for me to read. I usually check how many new users I’ve had and where they’re visiting from, as I’m always curious.

Once I’ve learnt more about Google Analytics and found the best way to use the information I really want to write a blog post all about it to help others who are also confused!


Dropbox is one of those apps that is just useful for life in general. For my blog and YouTube however, it’s where I keep all my Photoshop files for my brand and various artworks, backups of my website, and even a backup of my Lightroom catalog.

It’s where I also store the photos for all of my blog posts once they’ve been edited. This means I can access them from wherever and I can quickly Tweet or Instagram a photo if I need to.

Canon Camera Connect

This app is really useful to quickly (and wirelessly) get photos I take from my Canon G7 X onto my phone. They can be on Instagram in minutes ? It’s not the nicest app that’s ever been written but it’s very useful and it does the job.

YouTube Creator Studio

At the moment as my YouTube channel is very new I mainly use this app to approve comments that have been marked as spam, and check out the odd stats and analytics. It’s super convenient to manage these channel features while on the go, and the stats are going to be more and more useful as I continue to grow my channel.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and that you may have discovered an app or two that can help with your blogging. If I’ve missed one of your favourite apps then do let me know in the comments!