While I was on holiday checking my Instagram feed (as you do while lounging around the pool!) I noticed on BoneWhiteChina’s Instagram that they had a Curry with Love curry kit… and I instantly liked and commented on the photo! I knew when I was back in England I had to try these out!

The lovely people from Curry with Love kindly sent me some to review and when I arrived home they were already on my doorstep waiting! They’d sent me a Goan Curry and a Dhansask, both of which I’d never tried before, so I was super excited to try something new rather than my bog-standard Tikka or Korma!!

It was great to cook these for a change rather than buying a jar or getting a take-away, which let’s face it are not really great for you! After trying these I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying a jar again as these are so fresh and not full of 100’s of weird ingredients. It’s really a perfect zero-hassle curry!

I’m always such a worrier when trying a new curry as I’m an IBS suffer and most curries are risky foods and make it worse. I was so happy that these curries didn’t upset my stomach at all or make my IBS bad… YAY!!!!!

I first cooked the Goan curry which has a mild coconut base which compliments any fish, and I chose to cook it with prawns. It was so delicious and so quick to make! I was slightly worried as I was cooking it for my mum and she’d just returned from a trip from India, so she really knew what good curries taste like! The curry turned out VERY tasty and apparently very authentic. The only thing that would’ve made it better would have been if we were eating it in India!

The next curry I tried was the Dhansask curry, which is a mild tomato and lentil based curry. It was also supper yummy and I liked the fact you add a tin of tomatoes and a tin of lentils as it made it really filling. I had this one with chicken however it works well with any meat, fish or vegetables!

Overall I really enjoyed trying these curries and I’m already planning my next order! These are definitely more of a treat rather than a regular meal as by the time you buy the curry kit (roughly £3.75) and then buy the meat and other ingredients it does add up — but it’s still much cheaper than a take-away and much more fun and tasty!

Have you tried Curry With Love? What is your favourite curry? Comment below!

I was kindly sent these curry kits by Curry with Love to try out, and I enjoyed them so much I decided to blog about them. All views and opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclaimer page.