The Wardrobe Edit: ASOS Top / Falling Back in Love with my Mulberry

The ASOS sale at the moment is really good and I’ve made quite a few cheeky orders recently. I may even have enough to do an ASOS SALE HAUL over on YouTube!!! Who wants to see one!? Comment below if you do!

So I had to blog about this little top as it was £6.50 reduced from £22.00… what a bargain! I didn’t think it would suit me as it’s a bit girly, however I kinda love it!

I wore it with my blue Topshop Leigh jeans which I really need to wear more as recently I’ve been wearing too much black!

I’ve been going to black handbags recently however when I picked up these ASOS sandals I knew they would go well with my Mulberry. It’s been bugging for the past few months that I haven’t been using my Mulberry. It was a present for my 21st birthday and I wanted it so much back then. I’ve even thought about selling it and replacing it with a new designer bag, but as it was a present I feel it would be wrong to sell it and I know I’d mega regret it.

So why haven’t I been using this bag recently? Well firstly because I’ve been wearing a lot more black and the tan hasn’t really matched my outfits well. It’s also quite a big and heavy handbag (before you even put anything in it!) and I find it awkward and uncomfortable to wear on my shoulder. But I’m determined to start wearing it more as I still love it so much!

Next on my list is to buy a black designer handbag… I just need to decide and pick the right one! I love the Strathberry of Scotland ones, but I’ve also got my eye on a few other designer handbags that I’m dreaming of. But until then, I’m determined to make this Mulberry work for me! It’s still a gorgeous bag, and my first ever designer bag, so I’m definitely going to spend more time falling back in love with it!


Photos by Sian from Style with Friends

Don’t forget to comment below if you have a favourite bag atm? Or have you brought any bargains recently from the ASOS sale?