The Wardrobe Edit: Making the Most of the Last Bit of Summer

Right now I’m hanging on to every little bit of summer we still have left! I’m dreading those darker mornings and evenings! I recently bought this top and shoes in the Topshop sale in the hope that I’d get a chance to wear them before we saw the last little bit of summer slip away! Unfortunately living in England we have very mixed weather — one day could be really hot and the next day it could be snowing!! I’m pretty sure we had a day a few weeks ago where we had all four seasons! No joke, we had sun, rain, hail and even snow for a few minutes!

So guys, why am I not ready for summer to be over yet?

I had a really great summer. Michael and I went away and I was supposed to be having a week off from blogging, but turns out I couldn’t keep away and ended up planning loads of new ideas, and even writing a few blog posts by the pool!! It was lovely having a week in the sun and I finally got to wear my summer clothes!

This summer I also started my YouTube channel — please go and subscribe if you haven’t already! I have to say I was really worried about starting YouTube as I was never a big fan of my voice. I could’t talk until I was 7… YES SEVEN YEARS OLD!!! I could make sounds and try to talk, but I just couldn’t pronounce words. Everyone’s always really shocked when I tell them that because now I chat lots ? Actually, let’s be honest, I don’t shut up, so YouTube is probably a good platform for me! I was very nervous about uploading my first video. What if people hated it!? What if people don’t comment or subscribe!? Luckily none of that happened, and turns out I love making videos! I’ve learnt so much about how to film and edit videos, and I LOVE vlogging! Those odd looks you get on the street… I really don’t care! I’m most likely to never see that person ever again. I also feel we live in a world were we don’t video as much. When I was younger my parents would always make home videos for us to watch when we were older. I wasn’t really documenting my adult life much so I’m glad I now have my YouTube channel. One day I can watch them back, and hopefully my children can too!

I also think I need to rewind! I totally didn’t make the most of those healthy yummy salads and summery recipes, or those sunny evening runs. I’ve also only just spotted a lovely dress from Topshop… do I risk buying it and hope to wear it next summer!?

This is a random one, but I’ll also miss the great summer lighting for blog post photos! I’m really going to have to plan when I’m photographing over the next few months to make the most of the daylight!

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Autumn is well and truly upon us and I’m looking forward to bonfire night, getting out my chunky knits and having plenty of cosy evenings on the sofa with a nice salted caramel hot chocolate. The best thing though is definitely CHRISTMAS ?… one of my favourite times of year. I cannot wait!!


Do you prefer summer or autumn? What was your favourite thing about summer this year!?

Photos taken by my lovely mummy. Sorry mum for dragging you out! But come on, you loved all the funny looks we got! It was worth it for these lovely photos!