The Wardrobe Edit: Topshop Shirt and Shoes

Let’s talk shoes! Yep, unfortunately I’m one of those girls who when they see something they love (especially shoes) they just have to own it! If I’m still thinking about it a few days later that means I really need it! I’m very much a cost-per-wear type of girl, so if I know I’ll wear the item lots and get lots of use out of it then I feel it’s okay to treat yourself and spend the money!

This is how I felt about this shirt and shoes. I knew I had a few events to attend over the next few months and I’m already planning to wear the shoes to a few of them. I always think a good pair of shoes are a pair that make you feel amazing, and these shoes certainly make me feel happy!!

So… a bit more about the outfit! After eyeing up pyjama style shirts for a while online I decided to pick up this one. It was perfect as I love bees ? (well not those ones in real life that sting you… just things with bees on them!). I seem to have an ever-growing collection of bee-related accessories and clothes! Next time I wear the shirt I must remember to throw on a jacket or wear a vest top underneath… it’s pretty thin!

I love teaming shirts like this with black skinny jeans and then dressing them up with a pair of heels! I also want to try this shirt with my mom jeans. It will either work or it won’t, but I’ll give that look a try and let you know!

Speaking of seeing things I love… I’m now drooling over the new Olympus Pen E-PL8 ? It would be such a dream to be able to photograph with it to improve my blog photography and step up my game! I have however decided to set myself some targets. I need to hit more followers and subscribers before I feel it’s okay to treat myself. I always prefer to set little challenges so I feel I’ve achieved something and deserve the treat!


I hope you enjoyed the post and let me know if you’re as bad as me when you see something you just really want! I’m seriously the worst! Have you found any ways to control yourself, or do you just give in like me!? ?