Mad Hatters Tea Party at the Sanderson Hotel

When the lovely people from Bookatable contacted me and asked me to review their services I was really happy as Bookatable is always my go-to website when booking London restaurants, especially if I want to get a good deal!

After having a look at their Star Deals I picked about 5 places I really wanted to go — then was the hard problem of narrowing it down to one!

I decided to book the Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel. The hotel itself looks amazing and I’d love to stay there one day! Another one that stood out was the Aqua Shard at The Shard where they have a special Roald Dahl afternoon tea. Unfortunately it’s only on for a limited time and they were fully-booked on the dates I was available.

I had the Mad Hatters afternoon tea a few years ago before the days of my blog, but it was such an incredible experience I wanted to relive it and share it with you guys!

Booking was super easy as always with the Bookatable website. You can search by city, what’s hot right now and star deals. I really like the layout of the website, it feels clean and hassle free! You can also sign up to their mailing list to get some great offers emailed to you — this would be dangerous for me as I’d always get too tempted! The website also has filters to make it easier to narrow down your restaurant choice. They have a mobile app too however I just booked on the website on my iPhone as it was just as quick and user-friendly on mobile too. This is a big plus as I can’t stand websites that don’t automatically work on mobile!

They emailed me with my booking confirmation and all the information I needed to know, and the day after my meal I had an email asking how my tea was and if I wanted to leave feedback. I clicked to leave feedback and it was only one simple page, long not a massive questionnaire that companies sometimes want you to fill out!

The Sanderson reception area is really spacious with plenty of bold stand-out chairs. The first one you see as you walk in is a sofa which looks like lips! There’s hanging chairs, a super long sofa, wooden chairs and all sorts — it’s really a lovely space. As soon as I arrived I headed to the toilet to wash my hands (after being on the tube!). After following the quirky green hallways the bathrooms were stunning with an amazing large mirror, very over-the-top, I love it!

Moving on to the afternoon tea! We were greeted by a friendly chap who showed us to our table outside in the beautiful courtyard area. There are heaters out there if it’s a cold day and it’s under-cover too, so no need to worry about the weather! I also spotted blankets, that would be so cosy!

The waitress showed us the menu which was in an old book, and showed us some little sample pots of the tea so we could read the different ones and smell them! The choices were Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit. They all had such unique smells and flavours, I’ve never smelt teas like them! I stuck to English Breakfast but Michael had the Alice tea. I tried some of his and it was SO nice!

Now, the yummy part… the menu!


  • Scottish smoked salmon, quail egg and caviar scotch egg
  • Wiltshire ham and smoked applewood croque-monsieur
  • Cornish crab and herb eclair
  • Cucumber and cream cheese sandwich on fresh lime bread


  • The blue caterpillar
  • Wonderland’s magic marshmallow mushrooms
  • Curious carrot meringue
  • The White Rabbit’s pocket watch macaroon
  • Red velvet ladybird
  • Banana bread-and-butterly
  • The Queen of Hearts Oreo cookie soldier
  • Alice’s drink me potion
  • Scones served with seasonal fruit preserves and cornish clotted cream

My favourite parts of the afternoon tea was the Scottish smoked salmon quail egg, the Wiltshire ham and smoked applewood croquet-monsieur, the blue caterpillar, the marshmallows, the carrot meringue and the red velvet ladybird! I enjoyed it all of course, but they were my favourite bits!

At any stage you can order more of any sandwich or cake, and obviously as much tea as you wanted! You can also take home any of the cakes that you can’t finish, so it would be the perfect treat for the evening with a cup of tea!

It was such an amazing experience and very delicious food. I’d highly recommend going there for a nice occasion or just for a cheeky treat. Thank you so much to Bookatable for the opportunity!

Where’s your favourite place for afternoon tea?

Be sure to check out Bookatable’s other Star Deals as there are some amazing restaurants listed!

Disclaimer: I’ve been reimbursed the cost of this meal by Bookatable, however all views and opinions are my own honest reviews.