Skin & Tonic Facial with Jennie Hart Aromatherapy

I started blogging to share my passions, and I never expected that I’d get the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had.

A few weeks ago an email popped into my inbox on wet, rainy and cold morning, and it really made me smile. Jennie from Jennie Hart Aromatherapy had got in contact with me to offer me a facial using the Skin & Tonic range of products. I’d had never had a facial before so I was jumping with excitement!

I researched the Skin & Tonic brand and products and I really liked the sound of them — plus the packaging is to die for! I would never say yes to a service or product review if I didn’t think it was right for me or my readers, but this all sounded perfect!

So on the Friday morning I was pretty nervous having never had a facial before and not really knowing what to expect! I found myself driving to the outskirts of Cambridge and wondering if I was going to enjoy it or not. Not having a clue what to expect I even called my mum with a few questions… like will I be lying down or sitting up!? Will I have to take my clothes off!? Etc etc. You know, those silly little questions that are actually nothing to worry about but for some reason my silly anxiety makes me question everything!

As soon as I met Jennie the nerves and anxiety disappeared immediately. I had walked into a warm welcoming room with such a lovely and friendly-hearted women who put all my worries at ease! We went through a few easy questions like address/skincare routine/allergies/etc. I then quickly snapped some photos and then Jennie left me to get ready and gave me the choice of keeping my jeans on or off. I took my jeans and top off and got into the bed under the lovely soft blanket (it was pretty warm in there lovely on a cold day).

Jennie told me to close my eyes and take a few deep breaths while she sprayed rose mist in the air, and then she started the facial, neck and shoulder massage. Jennie used Steam Clean, Gentle Scrub (mixed with set thyme honey) and Coco Mask (mixed with smooth acacia honey) which smelt lovely — I could definitely smell the sweet honey scents. She then used the Lemon Lip Balm and the Brit Beauty Oil. To finish she massaged the Calm Balm into my temples and ear lobes and then used the rosy spray to finish everything off.

I felt truly relaxed throughout the facial and my skin felt lovely afterwards! I absolutely loved the Skin & Tonic products, there was never an overpowering smell, they were all lovely subtle relaxing scents.

It was really nice to get a little aftercare note with a few recommendations for my skincare and nutrition. She recommended a facial every 4-6 weeks for optimum skin health, and to try using the Steam Clean cleansing balm myself. I love cleaning balms so I’m excited to try the sample she gave me. I have a feeling it might end up going on my Christmas list! The other recommendation was the Gentle Scrub mix with honey to brighten up my skin. I definitely need this as my skin can be quite dull.

There was no pressure to buy which was lovely and I was allowed to take away the samples to see how I get on with them. I will definitely let you know if I go on to buy full-size products, which are actually really reasonably priced!

She recommended to take it easy for the rest of the day (well I tried but I did have blog posts and vlog editing to do… whoops!) and to drink at least 1 litre of water. YES getting my Highland Spring #HYgreat challenge in there, perfect! If that makes no sense to you then it will in a few weeks time, so keep an eye out!

When waking up the next day after all the oils had soaked into my skin my face was left feeling so soft and radiant!

The experience really made me realise how nice it is to take time out for myself and how I should do it more as it’s actually really really important.

Here’s some information on Skin & Tonic products:

  • All the ingredients are organic
  • The products are made with a maximum of 7 ingredients
  • They are not tested on animals
  • Each product is crafted in small batches by people not machines
  • They support small, local producers in the UK & France
  • They support Fair Trade women’s co-operatives in Ghana & Sri Lanka
  • 10% of profits go to Charity Water

So, where can you buy Skin & Tonic products from? If you’re local to Cambridge you can pop in and see Jennie. You can also get them online at Skin & Tonic, Selfridges, Anthropologie and many other places. I definitely recommend you go online to find your nearest stockist.

You should definitely pop over to the Skin & Tonic website to read the story how they started, it’s a lovely one! I also totally agree with Sarah that we all need to think about what we’re putting into and onto our skin and body.

I also spotted some other products, which turned out to be homemade by Jennie. She is currently extending her knowledge and starting to make her own aromatherapy skincare products! I’m super excited to see where this goes.

Also I have very exciting news for you! If you love the sound of this facial and would like to visit Jennie yourself you can get £10 off by simply quoting Sophie Kate when booking (making the facial £45 – great value for money and a great way to be introduced to it!). So go on, treat yourself, I really wish I had experienced this sooner!

Disclaimer: As mentioned in the post, this facial was given to me for free so I could review Jennie Hart Aromatherapy and the Skin & Tonic products. All opinions are my own honest views. For more information please see my disclaimer.