Having the Right Workspace

I always knew finding the right desk was going to be a massive search! First I had to persuade M to get rid of his very much loved piano (or more like unloved, as since moving in he’s played it once!) and he finally gave in and put it in storage until we have a bigger place!

I also knew the desk hunt was going to be tricky as it had to be the right size. The only space we had for it at the time was behind the sofa between the kitchen and living area, so it needed to be the perfect fit!

We even considered making it ourselves by buying legs from Ikea and going around every timber merchant to find the right wood. So… that didn’t go too well! We got so many strange looks from the timber yard people and I still don’t really understand why… we needed wood, they sell wood 😂 I guess they just didn’t sell the kind of wood with the kind of finish we were after!

After hours of searching and looking at desks, which were all far to expensive, I found Square One Interiors! They make custom desks in just the style I love. They’re so friendly, and you can pick your own type of wood, desk size and leg colour. I’d finally found a desk that would suit our room and not stick out like a sore thumb!

I loved the fact you could pick the finish of the wood. I chose the finish as close to walnut as I could as my flooring is walnut and I wanted it to blend in. It’s the type of desk where in a few years when M and I get a bigger place and have our dream office we can add another desk in to match.

Anyway, enough about the desk itself! I wanted to write a little about why I wanted a desk in the first place and how my productivity and enjoyment of working has gone up since owning the perfect one!

Since having a desk that’s my dedicated working space I can finally separate work and chill time. That was hard before as we don’t have a separate study and just have one big living area where I used to work either on the sofa or on the dining table. It was difficult to shut off!

I love having my desk pretty clean and tidy so I can really focus. I find a messy desk makes my mind messy and I’m just not productive in that state. And of course a nice candle burning just relaxes the mood!

I now love the fact I can walk away from the desk knowing my work is finished for the day and carry on enjoying my time in the one room I spend most of my day in!

Having a desk has been a huge benefit to me and my blog and I absolutely love the Square One Interiors desks — I’d highly recommend them!

Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to find out about Square One Interiors shortly before they ran a competition, and I was super lucky enough to have entered and won my dream desk. They were very friendly and of course let me choose my perfect size and style! All views are my own and honest. For more information please see my disclaimer.