Goodbye 2016

  • Hello 2017

Firstly, Happy New Year! Over the past few weeks I’ve really been thinking and reflecting about the things I’ve been happy with the over the past year, and things that I’m not.

Lots has changed this past year and I’ve found new interests and new hobbies! The biggest of course were starting my blog and YouTube, and I never thought I’d enjoy making content as much as I do.

Recently I’ve also been having CBT for my anxiety. I haven’t really spoken lots about that, but here’s a vlog from a day where my anxiety was particularly bad. Having dealt with it in my life for so long I finally decided to have some therapy, which is currently going really well. I’d be happy to talk more about my experience with anxiety and CBT if anyone’s interested!

For a few months I’d been doing the NHS Couch to 5K plan and also been doing a mix of some yoga and HIIT sessions. I was really enjoying exercising and getting out for runs while listening to podcasts. I’d improved my running so much, however I started missing a few runs and then the nights were darker and I lost all my motivation. Over the past few weeks (and months) I’ve have been thinking more and more about how much I want to improve my fitness and health. This year I really want to crack it and live a healthy lifestyle, instead of it just being a few weeks of being good then going down hill!

I’ve also been thinking of trying a plant based diet. I would love to hear your thoughts if you’re currently on one! I’m not a big fruit fan however I’m slowly getting better and now eat apples, grapes and raspberries. It’s a start! I love veg and would love to cook more exciting things rather than just meat plus veg. Let’s be honest, for me it’s usually always just sweet potato fries and broccoli… I’m pretty bored of that now! I’m always quite tired and unfortunately I’ve had a bad throat for 3 months so I’m wondering if a change in a diet could help me.

I really want to read more (I got a lot of books for Christmas!) and I’d love to be able to shut off from Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat a bit more. I also really want to watch Planet Earth II and watch a little more TV and less YouTube 🙈 Hmm, yeah that’s never going to happen 😂

A huge one for me is that I want to really improve my content and film more on my YouTube channel. I have so many ideas but never seem to have the time to actually make them happen.

Anyways, I feel this blog post has turned into an essay! Sorry guys!

So, when can you expect content from me in 2017? Well I’m hoping to upload a blog post on Saturdays and Wednesdays, and then a video on Sunday over on my YouTube channel. Perhaps every now and again a second video during the week may appear too, so make sure you go over and subscribe!

What do you want in the New Year!? I hope you all had an amazing time over Christmas and the New Year, and that you’ve got an amazing 2017 planned.