Adding the Clinique Sonic Brush to My Skincare Routine

Okay let’s be honest, I’m pretty late to the game with sonic brushes! I actually got a Foreo Luna in my advent calendar and was pretty impressed with it. Sadly it’s not a rechargeable one so it won’t last forever, but it’s still super useful for traveling and it’s totally different to the Clinique one!

Out of all of the different sonic brushes, the one I’d seen and heard of the most was definitely the Clinique Sonic Brush. So when I saw that the limited edition “Sweetie” version went into the sale online and sold out I was pretty gutted. Luckily I was in Cambridge and saw one in Boots… I bought it straight away! It was about £50 and considering they sell the original one for £79 I got a bargain! The good thing about getting the limited edition one is that not only does it have the funky bright sweets all over it, it comes with a few sample-size products and a gorgeous travel case so I can keep up a good cleansing routine while I’m away!

The brush has changeable heads so you can replace them when needed, and it’s re-chargeable and comes with a nice little stand for when it’s charging. The head is made up of two different brush bristles, the firm green bristles target the t-zone and the soft white bristles are to remove impurities and make-up.

I’ve been using the brush with the foam sonic facial soap and then finishing off with clarifying lotion and the dramatically different moisturising gel. My skin feels so clean after following these steps. I’d used the clarifying lotion and gel before I had the brush and have always been impressed with them. The Sonic Brush is also waterproof which is super useful as I like cleansing my face in the shower in the morning. I also like using some of my other cleansers with the sonic brush, and every so often I’ll even use a facial scrub!

I love the design of this limited edition brush, they always bring out funky prints, I’ve just got to hope I don’t fall in love with the next one!

I was worried it would end up being something I used for a while then forgot about, however I’m so glad I bought this as I’ve used it a ton and it’s really changed the way I cleanse my face. I must be honest though, I still use cleansing wipes sometimes, nothing can beat that convenience!

Have you ever tried the Clinique Sonic Brush? If so do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I bought the Clinique Sonic Brush as I was interested in adding it to my daily skincare routine and it impressed me so much I decided to share it with you. This post is not sponsored by Clinique. For more information please see my disclaimer.