So This Time Last Year…

  • One Year On!

So, this time last year I went for brunch at Novi in Cambridge! Sounds like a fairly normal thing to do, but this was the start of something amazing in my life.

Around Christmas time that year I’d been thinking of starting a blog pretty much everyday but was way too scared to actually do it… I’m dyslexic, my writing is terrible, I didn’t own a camera and I didn’t really know anything about cameras other than to point and shoot!

Despite all of this I remembered I still really really wanted to start a blog, so I just decided to use Michael’s camera (on auto mode of course!) and we went to Novi in Cambridge for brunch. I had some good food, took a bunch of photos and even filmed some vlogging clips on my phone as I knew I really wanted to do YouTube one day and wanted to see what it would be like talking into a camera in public! Maybe I’ll even upload the videos one day 🙈

When I got back home I wrote about our brunch, edited the photos and text with the help of Michael, uploaded them, and my blog was born!

One year on and I’m so proud that I overcame the anxiety of not feeling like could do it. I did it! I started 🙌🏼 I was amazed when I got a few readers and followers, and then a few months later I started my YouTube channel (which was my dream goal). Looking back at it all now and I’m bloody proud of myself!!

Blogging and YouTube has become such a major part of my life. I’ve made the most amazing friendships, become part of a community of local bloggers (Cambmeetup and Peterborough Bloggers), battled anxiety while attended events (and even planned and ran one with the lovely Pippa), and I’ve also made so many online friendships with the most incredible girls! I’m so thankful to have those amazing friendships, I never thought I’d make friends through blogging yet it’s been one of the most rewarding parts.

I’ve also worked with some great brands which I’m super proud of. When a brand decides to work with me it always makes me feel that all my hard work in my little space on the internet does actually matter and have an influence!

I just wanted to say a really really big HUGE thank you to my readers/viewers! I really don’t know what I did with my spare time before I started blogging and YouTube because now all I want to do is work on content for you guys!

I’m really looking forward to year 2 and seeing what’s in store. I’m going to carry on working hard on my content I have a few ways I want to improve and a few goals I want to hit!

Onwards and upwards!

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