Mmm… Pretty Special Specials at Pizza Express!

When I was invited to try out the new Pizza Express Special Menu I was obviously excited! I love collaborating with companies who have restaurants throughout the UK, it means most of you lovely readers can check out them too as there’s more than likely one nearby! Plus it’s guaranteed to be the same great quality of food whichever restaurant you live near.

I’m definitely one of those people who always orders the same thing, so I was really excited to try the new special menu, there was no excuse not to try something new!

For drinks I went for the apple, pear and raspberry juice (I was driving!), and Michael went for the Sloe Prosecco. He made sure to point out a few times that I was missing out, but I was happy with my delicious and healthy juice!

For starters I went for the Pennette Formaggi, which is their version of Mac & Cheese. It wasn’t any Mac & Cheese though, they really make it their own. I could never make one that good at home!! I added the ´nduja sausage to give it an extra kick (which I would definitely recommend) and it was so good. It was served in such a cute little ramekin with a lid (I kinda wanted to take it home ?).

For mains we both went for the Barbacoa Romana which had pulled pork on. Hang on, did I really just say that I had a pizza with pulled pork on!? I’ve only ever had pulled pork in a burger! Well it turns out it’s yummy on pizza too! It also had spicy chipotle salsa, garlic oil and mozzarella, and was finished with tomato, coriander and red onion. I really don’t like coriander but I just took it off and it was fine. It was my mistake, I didn’t read and I’m sure I could of asked for it without the coriander! It was such a nice pizza, not too spicy but had a great kick to it! I’ll definitely be having it again.

For pudding we both had the Chocolate Fondant. On the outside it looked like a round cake with massive scoop of vanilla gelato, but when you broke it open all the gooey warm melted chocolate poured out… mmm! It was so rich and delicious, I have thought about this dessert a few times since visiting and I will be back for this again!

It was great not just going to have my usual meal, and just goes to show there’s so many tasty things on the menu it’s silly not to experiment! Do you tend to get stuck ordering the same options at restaurants!?

Disclaimer: This meal was kindly complementary to allow me to review the new Pizza Express specials menu. All reviews and options are my own and honest. Thank you so much for having me Pizza Express!