Finally Found a Good Use for my iPad!

I don’t remember the last time I used my iPad and I’d forgotten how useful they are, especially when blogging! I had a meeting last week and it was so nice not lugging my MacBook around and just taking everything I needed in my Filofax iPad carry case. No more carrying my heavy MacBook (I have an older one!).

I was allowed a pick any case from Filofax range so I chose the large Saffiano Zip tablet case in gold. It’s super stylish and I love the colour of this leather case. It means I can open it and have my iPad on one side and my notepad on the other side. I still love making notes the old fashioned way with pen and paper, sometimes it’s so much quicker!

It’s also super useful having two screens when blogging/editing a video. I can have the video on one and be finding out any info or linking up products on the other. I use Evernote a lot so it all gets synced up and I can pick up any notes or info when I’m home on my MacBook. It also means I can take a small handbag out and know all my notes, my pen and iPad are in one place.

I never thought I would use my iPad again but thanks to Filofax, who kindly let me pick a new case, I have realised how useful my iPad can still be! I would defiantly recommend checking out Filofax iPad cases as its not the first place you would look as I didn’t realise they sell iPad cases you can check them out here:

Disclaimer: Filofax kindly let me pick any iPad case from their website! When they contacted me I was super happy as I have a Filofax dairy and it’s lasted me years! As always, all opinions are my own honest views. For more information please see my disclaimer.