A Late February Favourites

I haven’t done a favourites blog post in months and I really want to get back into doing them over here on my blog. I’ve made a few of them over on my YouTube channel but I really like writing up and photographing my favourites for my blog, so I’m going to keep doing them over here on my blog from now on!

So, what have I been loving this month then…

Rimmel #Insta Fix & Go

This is NEW and I couldn’t resist picking it up! If you haven’t seen my recent beauty haul then head over to my YouTube and check it out! This is a 2-in-1 primer and setting spray that I spray on my face before and after applying my make up! I love it. It’s not greasy, it dries quickly and it keeps my make up in place a lot longer!!

The Chemistry Brand HA3 Hand Hydrator

I go through so much hand cream its unreal! I recently discovered this one by The Chemistry Brand, which is also a part of Deciem. I love this hand cream, it absorbs quickly, it’s non- greasy and is really hydrating. It’s different to normal hand creams as this one creates an invisible protection layer like a glove to help prevent moisture loss, and it moisturises deeper than most other creams. Now I’ve have tried it I won’t be living without it! It’s going to be a constant re-order for me!

HI DOLL Hair Bobbles

Okay, I never thought I’d be a person getting excited over hair ties, but I love these! I always have a hair band on my wrist as I can’t go out without one, so these are perfect as they don’t look ugly and I love all the different colours they come in. I discovered them over on Instagram so you should definitely go check them out !

Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends

I’ve no idea how I forgot I had this product! I recently found it in my draw and I remembered how much I love this serum! It smells amazing and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling funny. It absorbs quickly and helps prevent split ends, which is important as I straighten or curl my hair every day. So I must make sure I keep on using it.

I highly recommend this one if you use straighteners daily, it makes such a difference! It’s produced by Deciem, and if you haven’t heard of them then keep an eye out on my blog over the next few weeks as I’m going to be talking about them!

The Wet Brush

I’ve tried so many different hair brushes and this one is definitely the winner for me. I actually own two of them I love them so much! I keep one in my swimming kit one at home. I need to order a 3rd for my handbag, it’s just such a great brush!

Sorry this month has been a very hair-based month, I didn’t plan it, and it’s actually funny because I currently hate my hair! I’m so bored of it I’m definitely in need of a hair cut… please send me ideas!!

Also there won’t be a blog post this weekend as it’s my BIRTHDAY weekend 🎉 So sorry that it will be a bit quiet on here until next week. But good news is I’m vlogging it all! If you want to keep up with some photos head over to my Instagram and give me a follow, as it is my birthday after all 😃

Disclaimer: The Hi Doll bobble and Grow Gorgeous products were kindly sent to me for review, and I loved them so much I decided to feature them. For more information please see my disclaimer. If you want to see my other Grow Gorgeous reviews you can see them here: The Hair Serum You Need in Your Life, Grow Gorgeous Review and Grow Gorgeous Review Part 2