What’s in my Handbag — Spring Edition

You may have seen my What’s in my Gucci Soho Handbag video over on my YouTube channel, and if you did, a few things have changed since then. I found my purse was just too bulky and I couldn’t fit enough in. It just wasn’t working for me! So let’s take another peek inside.

Hand Cream

My hand cream is from And Other Stories and it’s perfect as it’s not too bulky and smells amazing. I always have to have hand cream with me and you can’t go wrong with this one.


Now that it’s spring I always have a pair of sunglasses in my handbag. I keep them in a Boden pouch as it saves so much space!

The Really Useful Birchbox Pouch

I wanted to compact my handbag down as much as possible. I hate carrying around unneeded stuff but I do like to be prepared for any event. So in my little Birchbox pouch I keep anything I may need, like a sanitary towel, paracetamol, plasters, etc etc!! It keeps everything neat and together so things aren’t jumbling up inside the handbag!

I have linked my birchbox referral link if you want to sign up.

Olympus Pen

Most of the time when I’m going out I need to take my Olympus Pen. Being a blogger I photograph most of my life!! So I keep my Olympus Pen in another Birchbox pouch (they’re so useful). It just keeps it from getting scratched as most case are too bulky to fit

Personalised Tangle Teezer

Finding a hairbrush for my handbag that won’t scratch anything and isn’t too bulky is hard! I had this one sent to me from Tangle Teezer and it’s perfect! It’s small and compact plus there’s a protecter to save the bristles from getting damaged and saved things from getting marked by it! Amazing!

The cool thing about their new personalisation is you can either pick from photos or upload your own to design a custom Tangle Teezer. I went for a leaf design as I loved it and it reminded me of sunny days! I also put my name on it, because, why not! It saves it getting muddled up.

The Card Holder

I’ve been converted to a card holder! They’re so much smaller, and let’s be honest, who even needs to carry cash around still!

I’m really happy with what’s in my bag now, it means I still have plenty of space if I need to add something plus it’s not as heavy as before!

Let me know if you have any handbag tips!

Disclaimer: The Tangle Teezer was kindly given to me for review. For more information, please see my disclaimer. This post includes Affliate links too and the birchbox link if my referal one which basically means I get a bit of money off it you sign up through my recommendation 🙂