Has Blogging Just Become a Numbers Game?

This weekend I’m going to re-visit something that was all over Twitter last bank holiday weekend! After seeing Em Sheldon’s tweets and Snapchats about the use of bots on Instagram I kinda feel like I want to talk about it too. Using bots is cheating your way to success and is 100% not fair on the people who work f***ing hard on their Instagram content!

I’ve always been very wary when I follow someone on Instagram and check if there’s anything that might indicate they’re using bots or generally doing dodgy things. I also look at my activity feed and it’s really easy to catch people out if they’re following 5+ people at the time and they’re weird accounts like @sexy123! It’s pretty clear that they’re using bots! The other amazing tool is Social Blade to find out interesting things about users. What you want to watch out for are users who follow 800+ per day and then unfollow large amounts.

I’m so glad there’s more awareness of this now as it’s about time these non-organic bloggers who get all the blogger-mail and sponsored content have to stop. I think some people use bots until they hit so many K followers and then stop using them and start being more genuine but with a huge following. I just hope PR agencies become more aware and do their research before working with them! It feels like it’s actually fraud because companies pay to get their products in front of their “audience”. I’m not going to lie, there’s some pretty big bloggers out there doing it too! I’m not naming and shaming, I’ll let you do your research.

Here’s my top tips to grow your Instagram genuinely and organically:

  • Work hard on your photography
  • Plan ahead! For example, I work Monday–Wednesday and I know I can’t take Instagrams those days, so over the weekend I’ll take plenty of photos to Instagram over the week.
  • I sometimes use UNUM which is an app where you can see your grid and plan it! I usually risk it and hope a new photo will work in my grid, but if it really doesn’t I delete it and keep it to upload later when if fits in. UNUM can really help with this!
  • Hashtags! Yes hashtags, use them, they’re there for a reason. Use all 30 and pre-save them ready to copy and paste! I have different saved ones for different types of photos, and this will help prevent being shadow-banned too by using the same ones on every photo.
  • Support accounts you love by liking and commenting on their posts.
  • Spend time and energy on your own photos, then the followers will find you.

I’ll stop rambling now and let you get back to your Instascrolling ☺️