TomTom Touch Cardio

So you thought TomTom only did sat navs ay? Well think again, they do fitness trackers too!! Perfect timing really as some of you may already know I’m very much a seasonal runner and with this sunny weather it’s made me want to get back out the house and head to the park for more runs! This TomTom Touch Cardio is perfect as it’s lightweight and super comfortable to wear.

So what does the TomTom Touch Cardio track? It tracks everything from running, daily steps and heart rate to how much sleep you get! Perfect for me as I sometimes feel I get less than the recommended 8 hours, so it’s great to be able to track and see my sleeping habits so I know the next day if I need be jumping into bed early. This is probably my favourite feature!

Another great feature on the TomTom Touch that I wasn’t expecting is phone notifications. They’re super useful if you’re not attached to your mobile all the time or if you’re in a meeting. Just a simple icon appears to notify you if you have a call or a text, and it’s quite non-intrusive which I like.

I went for a large and it fits me perfectly (I have small wrists too so I’d recommend going for large, or better still, quickly measure your wrist and check their size guide to be sure!). The app is also very easy to use to see your activity data. It’s really affordable at £79.99 from John Lewis and I really like these devices that promote a healthy lifestyle. I think in the future these devices will be on everyone’s wrists!

Have you got a fitness tracker? I’d love to know what you think of yours and how well it fits into your life.

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