The Perfect Tan in Just 1 Hour!?

When I say you can have a fake tan in one hour you might think I’m joking, but I’m really not!! The new Express Mousse by Skinny Tan gives you that natural tan in just one hour, perfect if you forgot to fake tan the night before! You may recognise Skinny Tan as they were on Dragon’s Den back in 2013, and they’re still going strong!! You may have also spotted the brand in Superdrug as the packaging really does stand out, it’s really bright and snazzy!

Last month I attended their Express Mousse launch party which was super fun and I learnt lots about their products. Make sure to check out my blog post of the event.

So, the products! There’s a few of them so let’s start by talking about prep! I never used to pay much attention to the prep bit whenever I’ve previously fake tanned, and when I say much attention, I mean I never used to do anything ? Well turns out it’s super important and really makes such a difference. So the day before I fake tan I make sure I use the Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt and the Tan Primer to get rid of dead skin, and they do a great job! The exfoliating mitt is also great at getting rid of any last patches of the tan once it’s started to fade.

Moving onto the tan itself, I use the Express Mouse which is great as you can pick your colour: one hour for a light tan, 3 hours for a sun-kissed tan or even overnight for a nice rich deep tan (that can last up to 14 days!). So far I’ve been leaving it on for an hour and a half and it’s always given me a nice natural glow with no orange tones. Perfect! I highly recommend using the Tanning Mitt as it really saves your hands! I’m really glad I discovered the mitt as before I’d always ended up with very dark hands! It’s also really soft!

I’m super impressed with the Skinny Tan products, the primer and the tan smell amazing with a hint of coconut. You still have that “biscuity” scent to it when you’ve finished tanning but every fake tan has that smell, and this one is quite subtle. The main result: I have a nice tan there’s no orange in sight, you can’t ask for more!


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Disclaimer: I was given these Skinny Tan products to review. All views are my own honest opinions. For more information please see my disclaimer.