#ManfrottoMasterclass with Josie from Fashion Mumblr

So Josie from Fashion Mumbler kicked off the #ManfrottoMasterclass day with a great chat all about YouTube and she gave us her top tips and advice! Afterwards I chatted with her and she was such a lovely positive person. I came away from the talk feeling really inspired and determined!

Top tips from Josie:

  • Tagging your video correctly is key!
  • Not to use the same info in the description box for all videos – don’t just use the video title, be a bit more descriptive.
  • Have a word for your viewers to write in the comments if they watch until the end.
  • Don’t leave your video in private for too long. Try and publish it not long after it’s uploaded.

We then went on to listen to a talk by Jim Marks, a professional photographer and videographer. He talked all about lighting and video and showing us the different Manfrotto lights we can use, it was so interesting! I definitely need to invest in my lighting, I find my current lights a pain to put up and put down whenever I want to film. Some LED ones will be so much easier!

The third part of the day was with Manfrotto, who chatted all things smartphone photography – super useful if you use your iPhone for Instagram! I mostly use my Olympus PEN when taking my Instagrams however I still found all the information really interesting.

Top tips from Manfrotto:

  • Keep your camera steady
  • Fake it until you make it by being confident
  • Use a reflector to even out light around a subject
  • Buy the right support, for example a mini tripod for vlogging
  • Think of the lighting angle
  • Diffuse light to make it softer and reduce harsh shadows

Sadly I missed the last part with the Q&A as I needed to head back for my train! It was such a super fun day with a room full of inspiring hard-working vloggers. It was so nice to meet so many new vloggers too!

Here’s the best bit for you guys: you can get 20% OFF Manfrotto with the code FOLLOWER17. Having the right equipment is so crucial in creating good content so I hope the code helps you if you need to get some gear!

Finally, make sure you check out my vlog from the day, and if you’re not already subscribed then you know what to do ?

Disclaimer: Manfrotto kindly invited me to the workshop day (for free). All views and opinions are my own. I truly came away feeling so inspired so I wanted to share it with you guys! For more information please see my disclaimer.

CODE FOLLOWER17 vaild 20/05/17- 20/05/18 to be redeemed online at Manfrotto.