Finding the Right Bra!

I never thought I’d write a blog post about getting a bra, but if I can help just one girl get a bra that actually fits then it’s worth it! Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to find a bra that properly fits!

Bras can be just like jeans, finding one that fits and is comfortable is hard work! I’ve wasted so much money in the past buying bras that just don’t quite fit properly. I can never find ones that are comfortable. But thankfully I’ve found a shop that actually does things the right way — Rigby & Pellar!

I booked an appointment online and when I turned up the lady was really lovely and showed me to the changing rooms. I noticed there was a mini deodorant and a silk robe, such nice touches! It’s actually amazing how hot you can get trying on bras so it’s nice that they thought about having deodorant!

They measure you completely by eye and it wasn’t awkward at all. She told me about my current bra and how and why it wasn’t fitting me, and then she went off to grab some bras for me to try. I love how they don’t just say your this size as obviously all bra makes, types and styles come up different sizes. I can guarantee you if I tried on a size 10 pair of jeans in Topshop and then went to H&M and tried on a similar size 10 pair they’d have totally different fits!

I went away with a bra that I was very happy with. I tried on quite a few bras but there was no pressure to buy them and she actually added the ones I like to my profile so I could go back at a later date to buy them. The bras were reasonably priced at roughly around the £70-£110 mark, but to be honest I think £70 for a bra that’s going to be comfortable and fit me well is totally worth it. Especially as I’m going to wear it loads, the cost-per-wear is tiny!

While I was there I also bought a bra wash called Soak. You just soak your bra in it and once it’s dry it’s totally clean! There’s no need for rinsing and it saves them from getting ruined in the washing machine.

I was so impressed with the service I got at Rigby & Pellar I’ll definitely be going back soon and buying more!

Disclaimer: This isn’t sponsored post or a collaboration. I genuinely got fed up wasting money on bras that don’t fit well and wanted to share my experience getting properly fitted! For more information please see my disclaimer.