B. Makeup Launch Party

So the other evening I found myself jumping on a bus to The Hoxton, Holborn to check out the new B. Makeup launch party. I was kindly invited as Albertine’s plus one, and when we arrived there were makeup artists doing make-overs, plenty of vegan food and cocktails for us to help ourselves to and even a flat-lay table set up ready for us bloggers to photograph — they know us well!

I was so impressed with how big their range was, from lipsticks to foundations and eye makeup they pretty much had everything, and in such a wide range of colours! There really is something for everyone. The mega plus is that it’s all 100% vegan! More of us makeup addicts are turning vegan and although I don’t always use 100% vegan products it’s always a big bonus for me knowing a brand is vegan.

Cassie Lomas, who is one of the leading makeup artists in the UK, has her own range within the collection that’s inspired by fun in the sun and her best friends. She’s designed the products to lift the complexion and enhance natural beauty. This sounds great as more of us nowadays are going for more natural looks. I have to say I had my eye on the whipped bronzer, it looked so good!!

They also had a skincare range which was done by age groups, which I really liked the concept of. The phases are from 1–4:

  • Phase one for late 20’s and 30’s
  • Phase two for late 30’s
  • Phase three for late 40’s
  • Phase four for late 50s, 60s and beyond!

The only problem is if you were early 20s or younger and wanted to use their range there doesn’t seem to be a group for you! Although I guess you’d just go for phase one!

We were give some great products in our goodie bags, which included:

Velvet Matte Lipstick in Boom Shakalaka

Firstly I love this colour! It’s a really nice red and totally a red I can see myself wearing all the time. The lipstick contains shea butter which gives it a nice feel on your lips. Although it’s long lasting I did have to top it up after eating. Sometimes more expensive lipsticks last all day, but for £6.99 I’m not complaining!

Velvet Matte Liquid Lip in Ravenous

I really loved this product however the colour really wasn’t for me. I’m definitely going to pick it up in some other colours though, and £6.99 is such a great price. I love the non-sticky texture, when I tried it I was shocked as I was expecting it to be quite glossy and I hate anything glossy/sticky!

B. Lifted Contouring Cream

I’ve been using this daily AM and PM and I haven’t seen a difference yet. Apparently it’s like yoga for your face, and I like the way it absorbs quickly and smells really nice.

The other products in my goodie bag were the Kohl Liner in Copper (I love the colour!), Lip & Cheek Tint in Just a Kiss and Sculpt & Highlight Contour. I haven’t used these yet but I’m sure I’m going to love them!

B. Makeup is now available in selected stores and online at Superdrug — I highly recommend you go check them out!

Disclaimer: I was kindly invited as a plus one to this B. Makeup launch event. All views are my own honest opinions. For more information please see my disclaimer.